Redshift is a story based side-scroller. In this game you play as Lt. Quinn, set out to stop the notorious villain Viper. Viper will not make this easy for you though, he has tons of traps and enemies on his side to stop you. Play through this space world by exploring planets to find Viper and take him into custody.


Key Features:


How To Play:

While making Redshift we wanted to keep three things in mind: Story, Gameplay, and Simple/Intuitive controls. Here at Big4 we have played many games for mobile with really complex controls, but this is extremely hard sometimes. We set out to make a great side-scrolling game with simple controls, but still with the great functionality of bigger games. We think we have accomplished that and some. We took a long time to figure out this control setup, and now we think we have nailed it. With only 3 main buttons, and a pause button, our controls can be used by any skill level gamer.


One of the hardest things that we had to think of is where do we put our inventory for our players different weapons that they find. We knew we couldn’t just take out the weapons because that is one aspect of our game that makes it fun. We decided to put the inventory within our pause menu. By doing this we saved a lot of space on the already small screens that we are developing for. This is just one thing we did to optimize our simple controls on the screen. Below is an early look at our easy to use inventory.



Something we did with Redshift that we really like is our Interactive/Immersive level selection. We thought this would be a great way to pick what level you want to go to in our game.


Not only do we have a fun side-scroller for our gamers to play, we also decided to put a mini-game in it as well. There are a few reasons that we did this. One is to add more content to the game. We thought it would be a lot of fun, and give our playes a break while playing our side-scroller, when the option is presented to them. We discussed this by looking at big games in the industry, and a lot of them have small games to open up doors and such. Then we thought “Why don’t we do this?” After that we buckled down and figured out how to make this happen. Since we are working on the mobile platform, we decided that a great thing we could do was an accelerometer maze game.


By adding a mini-game every once and awhile, it gave that little bit extra to our game. These are just some of the great gameplay features that Redshift has. We don’t want to give too much away, so make sure you go pick it up on Android or iOS today.