Not much is known about Vipers past. All that is known now is that he is one of the most notorious villains the Galactic Council has ever faced. The first recorded account of Viper in the Galactic Council's records was when he hit one of their supply ships and took the cargo. The Council just brushed it off as pirating and sent ships off after him, but no one was ever found. After this, Viper made a name for himself in the pirating world. As a rising pirate everything was going well for Viper, until one day when something happened.


Suddenly Viper stopped pirating and started searching for things. The Galactic Council still doesn’t know what he is searching for, they only know that he is. All the while, Viper is gaining more and more power as well as more followers. The Galactic Council is still not sure what Viper is up too, but they know he has to be stopped because he has gained so much power that his armada is equal to the Councils'. They can’t let him gain anymore power, so this is when the Council makes a call to the Admiral. Is it to late to stop Viper though...