Stealth Bot is a 3rd person maze crawler where you are tasked with missions involving reaching a goal while evading security protocols such as sensors, patrols, and chaser bots.  The game consists of 20 levels divided over four different areas: oil company, casino, bank, and last but not least a high-tech military bunker.


By completing the levels you will unlock the next, which can be selected for replay via the Level Selection menu.  Movement will be done using the familiar setup of WASD, with arrow keys being a substitute for personal preference.


In this game, you will play as a human scholar named Virgil Calderon.  He is a secluded mage who lives in the kingdom of Dworewyn, and seeks to open three seals of magic in order to gain their knowledge.  After years of research he attempts to open the seals.  Instead of magic wonders, he finds himself in the presence of a magi demon named Romu, who has already cracked the three seals.  A bargain is struck between them: Romu will give him the knowledge the mage seeks, but only if Virgil survives the demon’s temple.

Is Big4's first android game for all ages!!!


Time Warp The Misadventures of Milton is a top down maze game built for mobile devices. In Time Warp The Misadventures of Milton you are a scientist working on an experimental project, when the unthinkable happens. A wormhole opens up and teleports you throughout time at random.

This game takes advantage of your mobile devices accelerometer. This entails that when you move your phone or device one way your character will move that direction.


Time Warp

The Misadventures of Milton

Illusion of the Wind is a level base adventure game only for mobile devices. You can either fight you way through enemies or use your speed to run past them.


In this game you play a young ninja who is forced to end his training to pursue the evil shogun that has sacked your village. This journey is no easy feat as the shogun wields powerful forces that thwart your progress.  Only by saving the kingdom will you de-spell the shogun's illusions and face him at his own temple.


Bad Christmas is a top down shooter for mobile devices.


             Mrs. Claus has stepped in the toyshop to discover that Santa Claus has been kidnapped by Krampus, an evil abomination from the South Pole who tries to ruin Christmas any chance he gets. Mrs. Claus needs to get to the South Pole to rescue Santa and save Christmas for all the children. Be careful, though, as there are many obstacles that are trying to stop Mrs. Claus from saving this Bad Christmas.


Join Appel the Apple in his jetpack adventure to avoid sweet, sweet caramel demise.

Simply tap the screen to use Appel’s jetpack to avoid the caramel canyon walls.

Enjoy the classic gameplay while shooting to break your own high scores!


Sweet Escape

How high can you jump?!

Play as an adorable raccoon jumping from one platform to the next. Shoot for your own high score and challenge your friends!


How to play: Tilt to move left and right.


Raccoon Jump

Background Information:


Redshift was Big4Production's first title that was created, in story and concept. It has changed and manifested in the last 2 years. During this time Big4 has released many different titles as well. Redshift began as a side-scroller, then it was changed to a first person shooter, and now it is back to what it originally was suppose to be. Now with more experience and people on the Big4 team, we are able to complete Redshift to its fullest potential.


Background Story:


Since the discovery of the Faster Than Light (FTL) drive in the year 2150, mankind has made great strides in galactic travel. Soon after, humanity joined the Galactic Union in order to assist in the protection and defense of all the planets in the Galaxy.


The notorious criminal Viper has set in motion a plan that can potentially destroy the peace and stability brought about by the efforts of the Galactic Union. Despite their best efforts, the Galactic Union is unable to focus their attention into preventing Viper’s plans, due to the increased activity from the Dark Empire’s forces.


In an attempt to put a stop to Viper’s plan, the Galactic Union’s Council has assigned Lt. Quinn the sole mission of discovering Viper’s plan and putting a stop to it. Armed with the Galactic Union’s latest model weapon and ship, Lt. Quinn will hunt down Viper and bring him into custody before he threatens the universe.


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