Update: Never Sleeping!


Never Sleeping Always Waking. Our game title has been released!!! We are really excited that we are finally able to take the next step in getting our game out to you. Some things you may notice about the game from our first pre-alpha shot is that we like to keep the lights off; hope you don’t mind it being a little dark. We are also located in a hotel with fog everywhere. Combine that with the image of our first monster from the game, and we’ve got a lot of creepy brewing. You will be able to use VR headsets to immerse yourself into the game, and get an even better thrill as well.

We just had an awesome article written about our company and our upcoming game published on June 9. The article can be found on the Emerging Prairie website. This is the first anyone has seen of the game, so took a look at the article. We also talk about why we started working in Virtual Reality. We will be releasing a lot of new information in the future, so make sure you are coming back here, and following us on Facebook and Twitter!


We are in the process of developing a new game that will work with the Oculus Rift technology. The project we are working on is a multilevel horror game, that will have a different theme for every level you play through. Are you ready to face some fears...


Update: 12/5/17


Hey Big4Production fans! We just wanted to give you an update about what has been happening here at Big4. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, our games and updates are taking longer than expected to finish. A few of our designers have moved on to bigger and better things, and we wish them the best as they start the next chapter in their careers! However, that means we are now an even smaller team of part time game developers. That also means we have fewer resources to complete our games and updates. Don’t be discouraged, because even though we are a small team we are going to keep doing what we love, and that is creating fun, in-depth, and engaging games for all types of gamers.

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"Big4's vision is to create fun, in-depth, and engaging games, for all types of gamers."
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